Sleeping Giants

by The Breaking Lakes

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The Breaking Lakes are about to make waves in the Canadian rock scene. Hailing from Orangeville, Ontario, the indie rockers have a lot riding on the release of their debut album, Sleeping Giants. Dave (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Matt (drums) and Jay (lead guitar, keyboards) have been playing together for over five years, consistently honing their sound and musicianship. After their previous collaboration, Silverlane, disbanded in the spring of 2009, the friends regrouped to form The Breaking Lakes in a concerted effort to take their music to the next level. An exhausting writing and recording process followed; the completion of their most personal and fully developed effort to date left them musically spent and in need of a break before officially launching the band. With the addition of bassist Ryan in early 2010, The Breaking Lakes are excited to finally share their synth-infused, pop-rock album and bring their energetic live shows to new audiences. Sleeping Giants sets the trajectory for a band that lives the message of the album’s title track; The Breaking Lakes are passionate about pursuing a dream and not letting their potential lie dormant. No sleeping giants here.


released 29 May 2010
David Kalinauskas, Matthew Kalinauskas, Jason Masina, Michael Ashton, Tamara Ashton



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Track Name: The Feeling
I’ve been here before
I know the feeling and I can’t look back when I feel it
Or someone’s gonna steal it
Someone’s knocking at the door
I can hear it baby, I can hear it
And I’m not gonna fear it
On a cold dark night with the stars in sight
Come on sing

Excitement in store
It tastes so sweet, I can taste it
And I’m not gonna waste it
Please sir a little more
It’s not enough to be near it I wanna touch it
Maybe interrupt it
On a cold dark night with the stars in sight
Come on sing
And we live our lives and all the waves they’re coming
Track Name: Falling Apart
I can’t see what you can feel
Just talk to me and our wounds will heal
If I advance will you retreat?
Is there a chance our ends will meet?
Turn on the light that sees into your soul
I’ll hold it tight and we won’t ever let it go

And it feels like my eyes are burning holes right through
Right through your heart
And it feels like it’s hard to touch you and if I do
We are falling apart

Behind your eyes I see your smile
It takes my mind and sets it free for a while
I know it’s hard to show yourself inside out
I know you’re scarred I know that you’ll hear me out
Track Name: Sleeping Giants
Boy, they want you to be cool
Too cool for school
Girl, they’ll tell you to grow up
Stop thinking just grow up

We are sleeping giants
And in our dreams we are lions

In the dark you kept our hands and fingers there
You took our crutch and you cut our hair
You kept us there
We are sleeping giants and you think we’re dying
We’re waking up
Track Name: Trying To Get Something Done
You throw your words on me
Is this the way it’s going to be?
Then show me how to live next to you properly
And you’re building up arches
And I don’t deal in victory marches
We’re just trying to get something done

Empty sounds come from talking heads
And they’re laying themselves down
Shouting victory instead
And the sleeping giants are rolling out of bed
Because the victory you found, that victory is dead
We’re just trying to get something done
Track Name: Plant A Seed
I never knew what living was
Until I found you, now I live because
You told me I’m wrong, and it turns out your right
I’ve looked for truth in other ways
At other times, on other days
But she’s in your face, and she’s in your eyes

Under my skin, and in my heart
I’ll let you in, into the part
That cycles my blood right through my brain
From there you’ll fill my head with light
You show me what is out of sight
You keep me straight, standing tall

We’ll plant a seed, and make a tree out of you and me
We’ll watch it grow, and watch it glow, and light up the sky
When we sing the ground will ring
The voiceless will shout and we’ll hear them out
And when we die, you and I
We’ll smile at our dawn
As our tree carries on
Track Name: Still The Same
Oh the sound
It goes through your ears and right back down to the floor
And your eyes
They will pierce my skin and chill my bones to the core
In my mind
If it turns me on will you still be on my team
And in time
If the music’s gone are we just losing steam?
And the bottom is coming up quick
You’re still the same to me

You can talk up
Or you can talk down to me about my song and heart
It’s still the same
Cause every note and actor has to play its part
And the bottom is coming up quick
You’re still the same to me
Track Name: Right Away
Take your hands up off your face, it’s ok
The bad times are always replaced with a new day
Together we’re unstoppable, what can I say?
Break the silence we will pull in the right way
I love how you look at me, let’s try
I can’t let this go right away

You and I will save the world
And this is how we’ll do it
One song at a time they’ll fall
And we will sing right through it
Falling borders lifting hope for the weary
When I fall you are my rope, and only you can hear me
I love how you look at me, let’s try
I can’t let this go right away
Track Name: Light
The sun behind the trees
Cast a shadow it’s taken me
And I run to the street
Like the tide to the sea
And I can feel you looking at me
And I can see you falling gently

And I’ll cling to the past
Cause it looks as though it’s all I have
With your heart in a glass
Growing old to fast

I said the sky is falling
But I missed the acorns at my feet
And I screamed the wolves are calling
All along it was just me

Shut it down is what they told me
Cause the light you see it cannot last
In the dark you’ll never keep me
A beating heart so bright it lights my path
Track Name: Last Fight
I can’t be any more then I am now
And I can’t see anymore but somehow
I feel alive again now
Every step I take I’m lifting off the ground
A vital check reports that I should have drowned

So let’s make this the last time
That everyone tries to follow
And leave them all behind
For the future state of mind
It’s the resistance that keeps us all in line

In twenty days our memories will be washed ashore
Now the sea, a glass of freedom, calm after the storm
And I’ve never been here before
I’ve never been here until today
I am so certain it’s been our last fight
A constant glow in your eyes will surely be our light
Lead us home little girl, lead us home to our new world
Track Name: Dented Fingers
It’s over now; it’s done
We’ll fall in line with the setting sun
Absent minded is a complicated way to love
Dented fingers, and silence lingers from above
And when it all falls down could you take the lead?
Turn me back around
And place me back down on my knees

Fire night, a shadow casting fright
Overwhelm, a blinding light
A symphony of life, the anthem never dies
And it’s already gone, the story and the home
The shadow overthrown, and we’ll rest easy
Drop us all a line, and take your peace of mind
Cause we’re already there, we already care

Welcome aboard now, to the ship of the know how
Enlightened and alive, the ones who still survive

Lifting up to a higher place
Weathered skin from the wind, that you can taste
The suttle undertone, the fire and the throne
Are never just too late
Happy is the sound of laughing on the ground
After falling on your face
And we’ll rest easy